We can take your pet to any destination you require including veterinary clinics, kennels, catteries and groomers. We will transport your pet to your chosen location but you need to inform whoever your pet is visiting that we are bringing it in on your behalf. We can stay at the vets while your pet is being treated and pass on the vet's advice.

As well as those not so nice visits to the vets, we provide a pet taxi service for happy events like weddings or we can even assist in house moving.

Our pet taxi service is ideal for any pet owner who does not have a suitable method of transporting their dog, cat or small animal. You might not drive and taxi drivers can be very reluctant to carry animals in their vehicles or you may not have the time to take your pet where it needs to go. We can transport your pet in our dog walker van fitted with secure crates ensuring your pet has a safe journey.

If you need to see a vet for an emergency either before 8.00am or after 20.00pm please click the link above for prices as a surcharge of £35.00 will apply.

Pet Taxi