Our dog walking service caters for one-to-one walks for shy and timid dogs or for dogs that may be unsettled by other dogs and group walks which are great for 'socialising' your pet. 

We only ever walk your dog in a safe environment. Most walks will be in the local countryside and we walk whatever the weather, so if your dog gets dirty we will give it a towelling down. Walks are usually for one hour but we do cater for dogs that might only require 30 minutes of exercise. We walk dogs both on lead and off lead but only walk off lead with your signed consent. We are happy to walk all legal dog breeds whatever their size and age, our only restriction is we will not walk your 'girls' whilst they are in season.

Our dog walking service is available throughout Stevenage as well as surrounding areas and is designed to keep your dog healthy, active and stimulated when you aren't available. We will take your dog for walks as you require, whether it be one day a week or for the full week.

We will collect your dog from your home address or elsewhere as agreed at the time of booking in our dog walking van and ensure your pet travels in safety and comfort.  Our van is fitted with cages with soft beds and roof ventilation to ensure animals are cooled after a long walk and run. When we return after walking your dog will be given access to fresh water.

Dog Walking